Barnabas Athletic Association

The goal of the Barnabas Athletic Association is to teach children not only how to play sports, but also to learn good sportsmanship, to work well with others and to be proud of their effort not only in victory, but as well in defeat.  When these goals are a primary focus, everyone associated with our organization is truly a winner.


Mites Division
Team 1 - Lions - Sponsored by Comsew Team 2 - Sponsored by Tony Martins

Junior Division
Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team 8
Yellow Dragons Big Revival Krusty Krew Weekend Warriors
Evenhouse Printing All General Builders Coke Cantalician Center for Learning
Coach Chuck Coach AJ Coach Bob Coach Jess
Sofia P Katherine F Hannah L Jadyn N
Alex S Morgan M Alex E Arriana N
Ethan B Alex W Samantha E Madison D
Gabriella L Sarah F Michael K Dan F
Hayleigh C Aiden L Izzy V Ethan F
Nathan S Nadia W Aiden F Avery C
Zachary C Connor P Shanta K Jack P
Shelby Z Sam N Jacob L Tyler D
William H Lucas B Gabbie R Matthew B
Lee B Jamison M Jackson E Miriah M
James G Henry F Josephine C Kalyn M
Kendra K Georgia B Aubrey M Ashley L
Kaitlyn M

Senior Division
Team 9 Team 10 Team 11 Team 12
Meatball Bombers Deja Vu Final Jam Team Bryce
Zahz Pizza A Plus Patrick A Mastrangelo Team Bryce
Coach Mary Kay & Joe Coach Mike C Coach Mike V Coach John
Kayla G Briandra M Austin L Kyle E
Gabby G Jake E Annabelle L Katie E
Erin F Alexandra N Ryan S Amber B
Emily M James G Jessica D George F
Alana R Melissa W Riley S Eric B
Nolan F Matthew W Rebecca L Isabel F
Nick M Aloise W Zachary R Alex C
Jake N Jacob U Julianna L Jessica P
Nate S Kayla E Jordan G Isabella D
Alex T Benjamin U Kate L Olivia S
Michala R