Barnabas Athletic Association

The goal of the Barnabas Athletic Association is to teach children not only how to play sports, but also to learn good sportsmanship, to work well with others and to be proud of their effort not only in victory, but as well in defeat.  When these goals are a primary focus, everyone associated with our organization is truly a winner.


Board of Directors
 President  Rick Limardi
 Vice President
 Tony Siresi
 Treasurer  Jim Bednasz
 Financial Secretary
 Greg Albrecht
 Recording Secretary
 Nadine Hermanski
 Marshals  Tara Steins & Mike Caros
 Website Coordinators  Nadine Hermanski & Tony Foster
 Fund Raising   Joe Rine & Janet Ludtka

Athletic Program Coordinators
 Softball Commissioner
 Rick Limardi
 Assistant Softball Commissioner
 Tony Siresi

Snack Stand Coordinator
 Tara Steins

BAA Membership
 Dave Burkhardt - Honorary
 Bob DiCarlo - Honorary
 Brian Finn
 Bob Gorman  
 Larry Kensy - Honorary
 Nansi Kraus - Honorary
 Dave Loshiavo
 Janet Ludtka
 Jim Ludtka  
 Bob Lukasik - Honorary  
 Tony Markut
 Mike Priester
 Joe Rine
 Tim Stiens